The B-BBEE ICT Sector Council officially launched

The B-BBEE ICT Sector Council officially launched

8 November 2016 at the Gallagher Convention Centre

[30 October 2015] The  B-BBEE  ICT  Sector  Council  (established  on  the  23rd  of September  2015) is  mandated  to  implement  and  monitor  B-BBEE  in  the  ICT  Sector and it has undertaken the task of aligning the existing B-BBEE ICT Sector Code with the revised Generic B-BBEE Code of Good Practise. The Department of Trade and Industry (dTi) requires this process to be completed by the end of October 2015 (failing which the sector will revert to using the generic codes).

The Council has prepared a draft aligned  B-BBEE  ICT Sector Code  which is to be published in  the  Government  Gazette  after which there will be a 60 day period for submissions by interested parties.

Draft Aligned ICT Sector Code 27 October 2015

ICT Sector Council Media Statement 20151025

Note that this is not the gazetted version and therefore the 60 day period has not commenced yet.

The ICT Sector Code will be subjected to a comprehensive review by the end of the current financial year.

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